Friday 1st October 2010

Harrogate Advertiser

Links to press articles and news appearances:

Whites knight John to take cricket gear to Lithuania

Oct 2010 Cricket gear to Lithuania

Friday 11th July 2008 Harrogate Advertiser

John Shackleton's adventures in earthquake country - Armenia

Armenia - drivers

Friday 8th January 2007 Harrogate Advertiser

John’s toughest mission yet - Nepal

Nepal - presentation

Friday 4th August 2006 Harrogate Advertiser

Getting cracking with fundraising

Friday 18th October 2005 Harrogate Advertiser

John is a man with a mission to aid the needy - Albania

Friday 2nd August 2005 Harrogate Advertiser

Bosnia gift turns into charity boomerang

2004  Harrogate Advertiser

Not for the faint hearted - Sarajevo

2003  Harrogate Advertiser

Mission not so impossible - Azerbijan

2004 Not for the faint hearted Mission not so impossible interview

13th February 2003 Harrogate Advertiser

By hook or by crook John will get there!