Aid to Eastern Europe 

About us...

What we do:

We link up with charitable caring organisations in Eastern Europe to identify needy communities in need of emergency vehicles and supplies.  This is generally ambulances and hospital equipment.

We raise money to buy second hand emergency vehicles and take donations of unwanted medical equipment and deliver these to the communities who need them.

Who we support:

Organisations we have supported include:

- Red Cross

- Red Crescent

- Caritas

- Feed the Children

- Mother Theresa Organisation (Kosovo)

And many other less well known organisations.

Where possible, we always try and work through an organisation (such as those listed above) to ensure the vehicles and equipment we deliver can be maintained and supported in the long term

How do we raise funds:

We are supported by a wide range of organisations and individuals.  We have contacts with a range of hospitals and medical organisations in the UK and abroad which help us get access to items being replaced or becoming obsolete here that still have value in poorer countries.

Our cash fund raising comes from donations but also from the activities of the local team:

- Speaker invitations to give talks and presentations about trips made

- Sale of donated goods through car boot sales, Ebay, etc

- Odd handyman jobs in the local area

- Chopping wood from locally felled trees to sell for firewood across the area

- Organising special gala events

- Refurbishment of old bicycles for resale

- and any other ideas we come across to raise money and promote the fund.

Firewood logs - by the industrial sack: £100 delivered