John's toughest mission yet

John Shackleton, left, and Alan Richardson with their ambulances which will deliver supplies to Nepal. (0801072)

Published on Monday 8 January 2007 09:15

INTREPID John Shackleton is about to embark on his longest journey yet by donating an ambulance to a clinic in Nepal.  But while Mr Shackleton is no stranger to lengthy treks across the globe, this time the charity veteran needs a little bit of help from readers.

His latest trip, the 31st such voyage, involves two aeroplane journeys; one from the UK to Calcutta and one from Kathmandu back home; and Mr Shackleton is appealing for readers with spare Air Mile vouchers to donate them to his cause.

The donated ambulance will be shipped to India, where Mr Shackleton will pick it up and drive it to Nepal before trekking down to Kathmandu, the nearest international airport.  And in order to complete his trip on schedule, Mr Shackleton is now appealing for people to donate their unwanted Air Miles – with around 20,800 needed.

"There will be two of us going with the ambulance and that amount of Air Miles covers both of us," he said.

"It's the longest of all the trips I've done and with the two plane journies we need a little bit of help.

"The ambulance is being shipped from Felixtowe to Calcutta, where we'll pick it up and deliver it to Nepal. It's a long journey and there has been an awful lot of red-tape to get through.

"For example, the ambulance would normally have to be sealed-up through India to prevent us from selling any of the supplies to people.

"But we'll be sleeping in it, so we've had to put up 800 in a kind of insurance policy."

Mr Shackleton and friend Alan Richardson's ambulance will be packed full of medical supplies.

The supplies will be distributed to staff working at the Nepalese clinic and will be used to treat people living in poverty with very little medical aid.

The mission will be Mr Shackleton's farthest and most dangerous so far.

l To donate Air Mile vouchers contact John Shackleton on 01423 871255.

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